Lady Delilah Remington-Fox

Jean Chudleigh

Frederick Protheroe

Her solicitor and brother

Mike Adnett

Dr Ann Brown

Marjorie Butler

Sebastian Lovejoy

An artist

Nick Topazio

Jeremy Mannering

Richard McDonald

Patricia Smith

An actress  

Gerry Hiscock

Katy Jackson

Her friend

Sue Fossey

Richard Sly

A private detective

Ron Goodchild

Betsy Bloom

His assistant

Sheila Adnett


 Ron Chudleigh


Set in the 1950s, a collection of questionable characters gather in the Hotel Tarantella, a country hotel, all of them known to the murder victim, Private Detective Dick Sly.

29 October 2005  By Janet Kilgallon-Brook & Fiona J Roberton Directed by Chris Lang