30 & 31 January 2009 Sleeping Beauty By Doreen Moger Directed by Jean Chuleigh


King Jolly

King of Loveland

David Downs

Queen Merry

His wife

Sheila Adnett

Princess Aurora

Their daughter

Samantha Wild

Prince Nicholas

From a neighbouring land

Jordan Gooding


His companion

Julia Topazio


Page at the castle

Geoff Williams



Marjorie Butler

Nanny Fanny Nursemaid to Aurora

Chris Lang

Mr Primm

Head of the Royal Household

Nick Topazio

Fairy Snowdrop

Queen of the Flower Fairies

Hannah Martin

Deadly Nightshade

Queen of the Weeds

Sara Lang


Her Aide

Paul Cassell

Flower Fairies

Grace Thomas, Emily Pocock, Lucy Maggs, Sophie Tait, Lara Cross

Maids, Evil Spirits

Matilda Hind, Ellis Cross, Shanna Ellis, Nancy Holroyd, Ellie Peer

Support Cast

Villagers, Courtiers, Gardeners, Guards.

Suzanne Harper, Doreen Akers, Sue Fossey, Rita Denman, Ron Chudleigh