Doreen Browning

Jean Chudleigh

Len Browning

her husband

Richard McDonald

Charlie Browning

their eldest son

Chris Lang

Gemma Browning

his heavily pregnant wife

Sue Fossey

Edward Browning

Doreen and Len's younger son

Geoff Williams

Delia Hart

Doreen's elder sister  

Sara Lang

Maurice Hart

her husband

Mike Adnett

Abby Hart

their daughter (non identical triplet)

Marjorie Butler

Marie Hart

their daughter (non identical triplet)

Doreen Akers

Frances Hart

their daughter (non identical triplet)

Sheila Adnett

Ruby Ingleworth

Doreen and Delia's mother

Suzanne Harper

Albert Ingleworth

Doreen and Delia's father

Ron Chudleigh

Jeremy Kent

the butler

Nick Topazio

Emily Norris

the chef

Barbara Buckner

Steve Price

the chauffeur

Ron Goodchild


Doreen wins a sleuthing magazine competition. The prize is Christmas in a luxury lodge with her family. There's a butler, a cook, even a chauffeur, but tempers fray as the family comes together and more than one secret is revealed.

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