27 & 28 September 2013

More Deadly Than...

By Claire Jones

Directed by Mike Adnett


Barbara Bridges

President -efficient

Jean Chudleigh

Eileen Eldridge

Ex-president - interfering

Sue Fossey

Shirley Shilton

Secretary- disorganised

Sara Lang

Doreen Dashwood

Outings organizer - timid

Sheila Adnett

Alison Andrews

Treasurer- hard-working

Marjorie Butler

Georgina James

Committee member - outspoken

Barbara Buckner

Thelma Theakston

Committee member - hypochondriac

Gilly Lee

Philippa Forbes

New member - glamorous

Jess Botting

Myra Middleton

Old member

Helen Lord

Celia Parry


Gerry Hiscock

Doctor Piles

Danielle Botting

Inspector Churchill

Karen Fountaine


Jan Page


Mike Adnett

Set in the kitchen of a hall before, during and after a W.I. meeting.

Is a woman's place in the home?

Should trifle have jelly in it?

- just two of the deadly serious issues explored in this play!