Sam Harrison

Mike Adnett (playing Peter)

Carrie Evans

Gilly Lee (playing Dianne)

Jamie Powell

Nathan Smith (playing Grant)

Victoria Keene

Vanessa Morgan (playing Leanne)

Jenny Maxwell

Marjorie Butler (Director)

Tony Garrick

Geoff Williams (Co-owner Studios)

Sandy Weaver

Jean Chudleigh (Hair & Make-up)

Jane Taylor

Sheila Adnett (Studios publicity officer)

Karly Peters

Helen Lord (auther & screenplay writer)


Rita Denman & Bill Ayling

30 September & 1 October 2016

By Andrew Hull

Directed by Jess Botting

Tensions are running high as the cast and crew will be nearing completion of the new British Blockbuster film ‘A Bitter-Sweet Affair’ at Siddlington Studios.