Bernard - TV sit-com producer/director

(Man 1, Mr Bloomsbury) - (business man)

Chris Lang

Alan - Bernard’s assistant

(Matthew) - (office clerk)

Geoff Williams

Philip - Scriptwriter

(Ray) - (owner of small haulage firm)

Mike Adnett

Alice - Bernard’s wife, sit-com actress

(Anita)- (Ray’s secretary)

Marjorie Butler

Maxwell - Warm-up comedian

(Mr Biggleswade) - (bank manager)

Nick Topazio

Sarah - Studio assistant  

(Lucy) - (office clerk)

Doreen Akers

George - Member of the audience

(Man 2) - ((V.A.T Inspector)

Richard McDonald

Irene - Sit-com actress

(Jackie) - (office cleaner)

Barbara Buckner



There is a certain buzz in the air of the studios at Purley Broadcasting Corporation.  Filming of a new sit-com is about to start in front of a live audience.  Bernard, the director, expects the “He’s in the Cupboard” will be a success, and everything is on schedule until a the leading actor pulls out.  Soon the cast are dropping like flies and it is a battle to find replacements before the show is beamed out across the network later that night.

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