Joseph Ewell

Store manager

Mike Adnett

Noel Avery

Elderly Father Christmas

Bill Ayling

Mike Hope

Elf and replacement Father Christmas

Chris Lang

Eve North

Mrs Christmas

Gerry Hiscock

Carol Dove

Elderly fairy

Rita Denman

Natalie Snow


Sue Fossey

Gabby Bell


Sara Lang

Mary Dove

Carol's niece and head of the Fancy Dress department

Helen Lord


Jean Chudleigh

28 & 29 November 2014

Festive Reapings

by Fiona J Phillips

Directed by David Downs


A complex maelstrom of emotion pervades Santa’s Grotto at Fairman’s Department Store, as the festive season approaches. Tempers rise, old rivalries resume, threats are exchanged and the tension escalates until a violent confrontation means that a member of staff will not see the light of Christmas Day.