A production which was part of the Purley on Thames, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations


Based in 1953 around the coronation celebrations, ‘Crowning Glory’ sees the local coronation carnival steering committee join with Lord and Lady Smythe-Jones to produce a day that nobody will forget.


Lord Aslistair Smythe-Jones

Chris Lang

Lady Evelyn Smythe-Jones

Lord S-J’s wife

Marjorie Butler

George Poole

Committee chairman

Geoff Williams

Charles Smythe-Jones

their son and heir

Paul Cassell

Patricia Poole

Goerge’s wife

Sheila Adnett

Doris Sutton

committee member

Gilly Lee

Fred Bowles

local butcher, committee member

Nick Topazio

Hilda Bowles

Fred’s wife

Barbara Buckner

William Pryor

local baker, committee member

Mike Adnett

Kathleen Pryor

William’s wife

Sue Fossey

Thomas Wren

local vicar, committee member

Jason McCutcheon

Joyce Wren

Thomas’s wife, committee member

Karen Fountaine


daily help to Patricia Poole

Rita Denman


Liz Kleiner

Florence & Gloria

Jessica Botting

Bert - Morris dancer

David Downs

Frank - Morris dancer

Richard McDonald

Winston Churchill

Bill Ayling

Stall Holders                     Lee Hall, Suzanne Harper, Jan Page


Ron Chudleigh

To see the concert programme click HERE