Keith Campbell

Organiser of the treasure hunt, treasurer

Mike Adnett

Cassie Campbell

Keith’s wife

Marjorie Butler

Mr Mangle

Hall caretaker

Geoff Williams

Philip Philips

BBQ cook and chairman

Nick Topazio

Felicity Philips

Philip’s wife

Sheila Adnett

Trixie Trotter


Jean Chudleigh

Avril Appleton

PTA secretary

Sue Fossey

Lucy Lastick


Gerry Hiscock

Rosemary Rymers

Gardening club

Suzanne Harper

Desmond Danvers

Drama Group

David Downs

DI Semaphore

Barbara Buckner

Set in the lobby of a hall before, during and after a summer treasure hunt and barbeque.  A clash of personalities between the helpers reaches explosion point, and the caretaker doesn't help matters!

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